California Business Brokers® provides clients with opportunities to find their dream business.

First you need to spend some time soul searching to identify what business would be best suited for you based on time, experience and finances. Over 90% of our buyers are first time buyers, and we’re here to guide you through the process.


I once had a meeting with a buyer that was short and to the point, he asked the seller about 5 or 6 questions and then he said he was good to go. I said to him, “that’s all?” He said, “Yeah, I didn’t come here to find reasons not to buy the business.”

I felt that was a profound statement because many buyers lack the courage it takes to pull the trigger and find reasons to not move forward. Know what you want and go for it.

Registering as a Buyer

All prospective Buyers are required to complete and return a Confidentiality Agreement, a Buyer Registration Profile, prior to receiving any confidential information concerning a business opportunity. These documents are in PDF format, requiring Adobe Reader software. Should you need to download Adobe Reader software, you may do so at the Adobe Homepage.

Fee Information

We do not charge anything to buyers that inquire about our own “house listings”. Sellers are responsible for our fees. If buyers are interested in retaining us to help them search for a business that CBB is not representing, please contact us here.

We Protect Your Privacy

Your information will never be sold or given to anyone outside this office. The information you provide not only helps us define what kind of business you are looking for but is also a mandatory requirement with our sellers. We promise every seller that we will do our very best to keep the sale of any business completely confidential. We appreciate your discretion in the process of visiting and evaluating the information you receive about that business. The Sale of Every Business is Highly Confidential. We are obligated to have these Forms in our Possession Before we can Release ANY Information to you.