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Exit Your Business Gracefully

The key to a successful exit is preparation. Our commitment is to customize a solution that’s perfect for your personal and professional goals. Trust California Business Brokers® team to help you start the next important chapter of your life – YOU’VE EARNED THE BEST!

The Best Time To Sell Is When You’re On Top

People ask us all the time about the market timing, but the truth is that, barring a calamity, there are always viable buyers for good businesses. It is far more important to time the sale to your efforts. Ideally, you want to sell your business right after your best year of consistent growth and you want a solid management team in place to help with the transition. The year is starting off strong and we are currently seeing many interested buyers in the marketplace. Take this opportunity while the market is energized; receive a complimentary opinion of value so that you can make the most informed decision regarding whether this is the best time for you to sell.

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How To Successfully Sell Your Business – One Step at a Time

It starts with choosing the right team.

It’s about getting all the necessary information to make good decisions.

It’s about preparation of information.

It requires a deep look into every aspect of the operation of the business.

It’s about identifying the best individual or group to ideally purchase the business.

It’s really about structuring a deal that’s built around you and your requirements.

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Our Team

California Business Brokers® principals and agents have sold many types of businesses. In fact, we facilitated over $210,000,000 in transactions.

Knowledge really is power when it comes to selling a business. With a better understanding of the sale value your business might achieve, via a controlled exit process, you can progress to sale completion with the comfort of knowing that you are not selling undervalue.

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